Friday, 8 April 2011


George Keep podcast radio advert by JOhn...

Facebook feedback

I uploaded my newspaper design to Facebook which is an online social networking website, where I asked people to comment on it and give me feedback.

Final newspaper

Radio Advert

Tom hayward xfactor by georgekeep

This is my radio advert for my newspaper, I did this by using garageband. It enabled me to be able to mix other songs together to give me my final piece.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

audience feedback (The Bromley Times)

Overall I think the comments that have given back to me are right, and the people that commented back were in my target audience so I shall be taking these notes on board.
I realise with one of the text box's on the second page there is 3/4 of the box, therefore I will finish of the alinements. On my advertisements I need to tidy up the photoshop cutting as the magic wand tool I used didn't trim it the way I or the audience would of assumed it would. On one of the posts it mentions it doesnt like the green, it is from one person of my audience, but I still believe it fits in well with Bromley colours being green as thats the way Bromley has been represented.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

progress of newspaper

I look into advertisements for one last time and realised driving lessons is vital for my target audience as they are of that age where there going to start to look for driving lessons, and looking for the best deal about. I had to look for a car template and then create the rest myself, I believe slogans on advertisements work as they make you rememeber it.

progress of newspaper

Weather was a key figure to all news papers, as everyone wants to know what the weather is going to be like as its part of everyones day to day life.
I believe looking back at it now i should of more looked at concentrating one area being Bromley, I felt at the time some of my age group would travel for instant university students, but now I realise if they were in Leeds, they wouldn't even recieve this newspaper. but it was definitely a convention that need putting into my newspaper as I mentioned its part of everyday life.

progress of newspaper

In all of the local papers, they all have contact details so I had to make convenient details, so that the audience would be able to contact the news papaer whether they have any questions or feedback to give to the newspaper, or even if they had won a competition. I also decided to a section about what on ? This was something I had made up and felt that it would help my target audience as, not all of them can get up and go to the pub, so i decided to mention boot fairs that all ages of my audience can attend.

progress of newspaper

With the last story I found out they were always near the bottom of the page, i wouldn't say hidden away but smaller than the others as it didn't get mentioned on the main page.
The smaller the story gets in newspapers the smaller the amount of room you get to write about the event.
I didn't want to challenge this as I believe its true as if it was big enough it would of been on the front page. it was the same again with the text I had to do it on Microsoft word as there was to much text and its a lot more easier to type it out, the choice of fonts on Microsoft word are a lot more wider than the range on In Design.

progress of newspaper

As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to have main story in the middle of the page as its the eye catching story, as most of the text is on the front page I only had to add a few more lines to the second page, I was able to do this on In Design as I didn't need to put any paragraphs in and it fitted better doing through In Design as it wasn't a lot of text to put in. I also realised from research of other newspapers that the main story is the centre of the page in local newspapers like The Bromley times and News shopper.

progress of newspaper

When I did my research on newspapers I realised they used the second story as the main image on the front page, it then had most of its text on the next page. Yet again I had to use Microsoft word to do this it wouldn't allow me to create paragraphs. I put it on the right hand side as i still feel the mina story deserves the main attention therefore i will be putting that story and the photo for it in the centre of the stage.

progress of newspaper

This is my second page layout. I looked at many any other newspapers to get an idea of what I needed to use make my second page a decent meaning and layout. Down the left hand side of the picture is one main column, where it has all the details about the newspaper and how to contact different departments, it then has the weather of around the UK as I feel people in my target audience could be traveling that way it convenient for them to know what the weather is like depending on where they are going to.

progress of newspaper

On the front page of my newspaper i've tried to cover all ways of advertisement being advertisement for the paper for brands such as subway, and then advertising something for the paper and for a major company like Xfactor. On my last advertisement i've used a local hero who got fame through a world wide television show. I also used another jump line which i a key convention used by all the newspapers I researched. I had to do the advertisement in photoshop and then drag it into In Design. I've realised throughout all of the photos i've used the magic wand tool is key as it cuts out the bits that you don't need in the picture.

progress of newspaper

When I was researching advertisements from big company's such as dominos pizza and Mcdonald's I then chose to create my own one by using subway as I researched fast food chains and found out that subway is the largest fast food company to this day. Instead of advertising something thats pricy I decided to advertise a free cup of coffee, as it will then encourage the customer to buy a sandwich, where as if you advertise a free sandwich they will lose money as it cost more than coffee. I also used a jump line as it directs the customer where to go to recieve this voucher so they can use it. Advertisement is a key figure as it is the fundingtowards the newspaper, so the bigger the brand the more money the newspaper will make to fund their paper.

progress of newspaper

When I added the text for my main story I couldn't add it in straight away as it wouldn't let me put gaps in between different paragraphs, therefore I used microsoft word to type it up and then dragged it in to my In Design document. In the end I changed my idea with the two columns for the text, I feel it wouldnt connect with my target audience, as there alot younger they prefer to get to the point rather than knowing all of the little pointless detail. I then cut down some of the text and put in the more interesting text so my target audience wouldn't get bored instantly. As the story is a campaign to find out the murderer over Samuel Guidera, I had to look at conveniant email addresses incase the target audience want to contact the paper to help out.

progress of newspaper

It then came to my advertisement where I used the convention from Metro by using a plug for my paper which is an advertisement for something in my paper, it was all a big question as to what the plug would be about as my paper is for both sex's male and female. I then decided i would use a sport advertisement as both sex's can play sport, so I had to research sports that girls and boys enjoyed, and two sports that came up were hockey and football. therefore I got to photos and used the magic wand on photoshop which then got rid of the outer-skirts of each photo, I had to do these in other documents and then drag them all into one, once I had entered the text I then placed it onto my In Design page.

progress of newspaper

Once I had finished putting my photo onto the front page I decided to add to a green background around the outside of the picture, this is a convention that I used from the Metro paper, i feel it connects to my target audience as the Bromley boroughs council colour is green and I want them to realize its all about Bromley and nothing else. Since I had started my newspaper I knew what my Main story was but didn't know what my headline was going to be, in the end I decided whilst doing my research it cant have to many words as its a catch line for the audience to read. I didnt use microsoft word I out a text box on my page and then chose my font, using san serif as my target audience is of the younger generation. I placed it across the whole page as its eye catching and thats what a few of the newspapers I researched used such as Metro and The Sun.

newspaper progress and photography

When I went on holiday in february, I travelled to America, but when I took this photo I bared in mind that I was going to use it on my front page as when I researched newspapers, I saw that the secondary story photo was always on the front page and then had a jump line to another page showing you where you can read the story, I liked this convention as I think it shows a lot more to my newspaper.

initial design

When I first looked at Indesign I tried to layout my conventional three column layout which i thought worked due to my research and seeing it on papers like The Sun. I realized that all the papers i looked at had there masthead in the top left hand corner, in that masthead was the title of the newspaper and date as well as the date. I then blocked out the rest of my first page and decided where I wanted certain things, such as the two main columns in the middle of the page are for my main story and the rest of the blocks will be used for advertisement as well as the photo for the second story.

stages of my poster

stages of my poster
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when I started to create this poster my idea was to open the door to the public for this paper to keep the audience updates on the weekly news. At first I took photos of a girl opening door as you can see in the poster still but I also took photos of a girl dancing and a boy playing football, but I found it hard to edit it on photo shop as the girls hair was all over the place, therefore when I was trying to use the magic wand on photoshop it kept on taking chunks out of the girls head who was dancing. Luckily the magic wand tool was working for the door frame and the girl opening it, although its not the best quality picture it worked out in the end. Once I had seen what the poster looked like originally, I then changed my idea by using bright colours due to my target audience. I did this by using the shape tool and then rotating them to add a bit of style. I then had words coming out of the door to show people what will be in the paper, all I did was add text over the shapes . Once using this idea I then added an old wallpaper background that I found on the internet to make it look boring and a wooden floor to add to the dulness, but when you look through the door that girl is opening, it shows bright colours and what this paper can do to lighten up my target audiences day. When I added the text to the wooden floor, I used the opacity tool which makes it look like its been carved into the wood.
When I thought I had finished my poster I looked at it then thought something was missing and it was my newspaper logo, I also added a drop shaddow and an outer glow to make it stand out on the page.
Overall my poster looked a lot different than I first thought it would but the meaning towards my poster fits well with my target audience.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


newshopper is a local newspaper which is printed at, Bromley Series News Shopper, Mega House, Crest View Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1BT. the owner of this paper isn't just one person its a company called newsquest media group who also own over 50 newspapers over the uk. The station manager is matthew Ramsden and the editor Andrew Parkes.

Bromley Times is also another local newspaper this papaer is printed in sidcup and delivered to areas in and around bromley, ibelieve this will help me out on distribution skills as sidcup is a 15 minute drive from Bromley so it proes it takes a lot of preperation for them to get distributed. This paper is owned by Archant, this company also ownes many newspapers over the country.

Bromley News is another local papaer but is distrubted via local shops instead of door steps. this paper is printed in Westerham which also is another 15 minute drive so perhaps they thought distributing it to shops would be easier as that way if people want it they can collect it. the editor of this paper is Colin Tough, also this paper is owned by tindle newspaper, who also own many other papers around the UK

all of these newspapers are owned by big companys who own more than one papaer around the UK and they are all financially funded by advertising as all three of these papers are free.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

actual newspaper sketches.

These are my main sketches of what my newspaper will look like when its produced. This is a guide for me and will help me design the newspaper on indesign. These sketches i've produced are more detailed, it will help me more having a better copy to work with whilst constructing my paper.

poster sketches for newspaper

This is a rouch sketch of what my poster is going to look like, it will be colorful and eye catching. Although this is rough, when I get chance to do a final copy it will look airbrushed and very stylish.

10 stories for website

Media 10
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These are my ten possible stories that I have chosen and I have norrowed it down to three stories which will represent my newspaper. The main story will be the boy who was murdered in Sydenham, the second story is about the youth group that went to America by raising money for their funds and the last story, is about a school who raised money for a charity by putting on the show 'jesus christ superstar'.

Bromley Times Research

These sketches here are my research of what the Bromley Times layout looks like, and how it can help me produce my own site.

Metro Analysis Page 1

This also is my research on the free newspaper called 'metro' which you recieve on your travels around London, this also will help me decide on what layout and stories I can use towards my newspaper.

Metro Analysis Page 1

This is also research from the same paper metro and it also gives me help towards my newspaper and where I can take it.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

measurements of paper

These are measurements from a metro paper, I believe this will help me as I think its a conventional layout which stands out.

first story

A 39 year old man was arrested on Thursday from an address in Penge (February 17) in action of the murder of Samuel Guidera. The following day an 18 year old was arrested from an address in Sydenham at 7am also being linked to the murder of the 24 year old. They were both bailed and are both set to return in April.

Police are continuing investigations and appeals for witnesses a week on from the murder of Samuel Guidera.

Mr Guidera was found collapsed in the street in newlands park, opposite the junction of Bailey Place, at around 9.55pm last Saturday (12th February) which is 200m from Penge East railway station.

Samuel Guidera was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead at around 10.55pm , after being stabbed in the heart.

Tonight (February 19) officers will be at the murder scene handing out leaflets to the local public, to see whether they can come across someone who was around the area at the time.

Police have said that they would like to speak to anway who got off the train at penge east at the same time as Mr Guidera.

That day Samuel had spent the day watching football on TV with his friends.

He traveled on the 9.17pm train from Bickley to Penge East, once getting of the train he crossed over the footbridge to the newlands park exit, as he was en-route to meeting his friend.

Detective Lawrence Smith said: “ Sam came from a loving family who are devastated as they struggle to come to terms with his death.

The 24 year old was a student of history and politics at the university of Greenwich and was hoping to become a teacher.

Anyone with information should call 020 8345 3734 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

newspaper development

I've added the photo to my newspaper know although you cant see it i've also added a green boarder around the outside of the photo to make sit in with the title.

newspaper devlopment

This is the begginning of my process towards my newspaper and this will also be the layout I shall be using. At the top is my newspaper name using a suttle green.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Choosing the cover photo

This is photo I'm going to use for my front page. I've chosen it after I got feedback from the class on the three final photos. This one is definitely the best of the lot because its so clear and the sun is reflecting off the metal making it look exciting. The low angle is also effective in making it look dangerous and adding height to the ride. The clear blue sky also lets the audience know the photo is not taken in England. All in all, it gives the idea of an exciting holiday and young people would pick the paper up because they would want to know where the ride is. Danger appeals to young people.

Masthead Development

With my first idea I generally was more thinking of a name for my newspaper, and I think news alert didn't work as it makes the news sound like its bad when in all seriousness its not meant to be, its meant to be general news of around the local area.

So for my second piece I was thinking of what colours I could use and I believe Bromley is a very green area especially the outer skirts, so for my third one I brought the green background and then for the fourth style, I tried to make it look more stylish and more eye catching, its not one that I will use but my skills on photoshop got better once I had a little go with a few of the tools.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Applying key concepts to my newspaper

Representation -my first idea was to focus on one sex, but in the end i believed a local newspaper that is of age for 16-25 year olds would be a bigger audience as it would be weekly news about media that concerns them and their generation. My newspaper will be normal as like other papers i researched like Bromley Times and The News-shopper but with a more colorful and eye catching lead towards it. this is representation of how story's are shared with the public through the media. This will also represent that local news is more important than other social events and sports matches, this will be shown in my newspaper by using fonts and pictures. The paper is going to be a local paper so it will be a representation of the audiences local area, as they will want to know what will be happening in and around the area, in my case this will be based on Bromley. The stories in the newspaper will be local and relevant towards my audience and their community.

Institution - My paper will be a local paper therefore it will be pretty similar to Bromley Times and The NewsShopper. it will follow some conventions from these two papers. My paper will have have a tabloid layout as it is for a younger generation they prefer to have photo's and a bit of writing, so it will fit well with my target audience, it will also have alot of advertisement as it is a free eye catching newspaper. This means it will feature a lot of advertising as it will be the main funding for the news paper, advertisements will be spread across the pages.

Values - My paper is going to need a clear masthead so it is easy to see what the title of paper and also so that its eye catching. underneath the masthead i will have the date and the website so that the audience know its a paper with up to date news in there, and that its not some old paper that their reading from the other day. My paper will have to be careful so that it doesnt offend any of my audience otherwise it will put them of the paper and probably many others due to word of mouth, this can then stop advertisements as it could offend them aswell which means no income, no newspaper. the photos that will be used within the newspaper will have to clean and clear so that it gives good quality towards the audience for them to enjoy on their journey to where ever there going.

Audience - my newspaper will be aimed at both sex's of the age 16-25 in the local area of Bromley. The news that will be in the newspaper will be of subject towards them so its something they care about, even with advertisement it will be something within their age so they can all get involved. not only is aimed at them ages it is also aimed at all races, as Bromley is a very multi-cultural area to live in.

Language - the color on the page is going to be a key roll in the moods of the newspaper for first impressions towards the audience. the way i am going to write within my newspaper will be enthusiastic but understandable for the younger readers. the information in the paper will be made up with text. I wont just use text i will also use imagery to help get the point across to my audience as it can make the paper look dull and boring towards the audience and thats not what the paper is about. My masthead will be a different font compared to such fonts like they use in the news shopper and the bromley times, as i want my paper to be different and not out of the ordinary. This will make my paper noticeable.

Ideology - the newspaper will be filled with real life threatening and and unthreatening news but they will be detailed stories so that the audience doesn't feel like there just jumping from one story to another as that can confuse the reader. i want it to aim to elder school/college students and young workers, as a newspaper easy to pick up on the way to work or school/college. it will then let them know what is actually happening around their local area so tat they understand and don't have to use words that they wouldn't understand.

Narrative - i want my stories to conflict with each other so they dont feel like they are being taken from one story to another when they have no relevance to be on the same page or near eachother, its like wine tasting and football on the same pitch, it doenst work. i want to do this by putting my articles in order of subject matter so that it doesnt get to confusing. For my main story it is about a boy who died in the local area due to a stabbing incidence, therefore as my audience is based around this age, the words that will be used in the paper will have to be of a kind where it doesnt upset the audience. this wont be the only story in the enwspaper as there will be other stories but in order like i said so it doesnt confuse the audience.

Genre - the genre for my paper will come under a news local. hopefully it will create a big impact on my readers. it will be aimed at a young audience so it will have different conventions compared to other local news papers. it will be eye catching and colorful to catch the audiences eye.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My target audience profile

The demographic profile of my profile are males and females aged 16-25, they are likely to be school leavers or young professionals its quite likely that there parents are not university educated and they wouldn't be familiar with broadsheet papers being in their home. They are likely to be lower middle to working class (C1-E)

Most marketing agencies now categories audiences according to there psychographic profiles. This is about values, attitudes and lifestyles (VALS)

My target audience are those who crave the admiration of their and peers (TRENDIES) and like to socialize, who also seek pleasure by going out and seeing mates (EGOISTS), spending there money on clothes to look good to go out and enjoy themselves on places like parties, alcohol and cinema etc. whilst doing all this they want things to stay as they are and not change as they are enjoying the now (TRADITIONALISTS)

I believe my stories for my audience will work well as there stories aimed at people around there target audiences age, one story being heavy news, one being light news and the last one being about a school performance and how it went before being preparation and after being how it went. Overall my audience will fit in well the stories, as it’s an eye catching towards the age limit

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ideas for brief

For my A2 coursework I have chosen to produce the first two pages of a local newspaper. I’m not overly sure that I want to make a newspaper like the Bromley times, I’m thinking of doing something more along the lines of an older teenage audience. Reason for this is that I am interested in what’s happening in and around our area, but no the way The Bromley Times format it, so I would make it more sinical for a more elder teenage audience, so they can get to grips with what’s happening around the community but so they understand it more.

Yesterday I sat down and had a look at a few local newspapers; I concentrated more on the Bromley Times. I concentrated on this paper, as it's more on around the borough more than just others or mine local areas. From looking at this paper I realized what I need to use to make a paper, by using certain conventions such as a masthead area where I can contain the title the price as well as the date, and possibly nearer the future maybe a puff. Another convention I believe that I could use would be a plug, as it would draw attention for the younger audience into winning something. Once I had covered these elements I realized I obviously have to have a lead story, this will need to be very large and bold. As well as that I will need a small section on the front page that will be dedicated to the lead story as well as having a jump line. I also realized with most local papers for there second story they have a photo on their front page to introduce the story, it will also have a little box with writing about the second story. And last I would need advertisements that would be targeted towards my audience.

On the Second page of the Bromley Times I realized it had a publication details section which I will definitely need if I’m going to use a plug as I want a lot of feedback towards my paper as well as people collecting their prizes etc. On this page its mainly dedicated to the Main story as well as an introduction to the 3rd little story. Bromley Times also had a distribution information section, this I’m not to sure whether I would use yet but I could always try it and see whether it works or not. The bottom half of the page was family announcements, mentioning birthdays, funerals and other important information. I will be probably be using the same five page layout as the Bromley Times as it works and looks smart.

I made this choice as I originally made a short film for practice and found it a lot more difficult than I first thought it would be. Another reason as to why I chose to do a newspaper was that I had already used software for desktop publishing such as in design and Photoshop, I thought I’d rather try and further my development in these aspects rather than try something new.