Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My target audience profile

The demographic profile of my profile are males and females aged 16-25, they are likely to be school leavers or young professionals its quite likely that there parents are not university educated and they wouldn't be familiar with broadsheet papers being in their home. They are likely to be lower middle to working class (C1-E)

Most marketing agencies now categories audiences according to there psychographic profiles. This is about values, attitudes and lifestyles (VALS)

My target audience are those who crave the admiration of their and peers (TRENDIES) and like to socialize, who also seek pleasure by going out and seeing mates (EGOISTS), spending there money on clothes to look good to go out and enjoy themselves on places like parties, alcohol and cinema etc. whilst doing all this they want things to stay as they are and not change as they are enjoying the now (TRADITIONALISTS)

I believe my stories for my audience will work well as there stories aimed at people around there target audiences age, one story being heavy news, one being light news and the last one being about a school performance and how it went before being preparation and after being how it went. Overall my audience will fit in well the stories, as it’s an eye catching towards the age limit

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