Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Applying key concepts to my newspaper

Representation -my first idea was to focus on one sex, but in the end i believed a local newspaper that is of age for 16-25 year olds would be a bigger audience as it would be weekly news about media that concerns them and their generation. My newspaper will be normal as like other papers i researched like Bromley Times and The News-shopper but with a more colorful and eye catching lead towards it. this is representation of how story's are shared with the public through the media. This will also represent that local news is more important than other social events and sports matches, this will be shown in my newspaper by using fonts and pictures. The paper is going to be a local paper so it will be a representation of the audiences local area, as they will want to know what will be happening in and around the area, in my case this will be based on Bromley. The stories in the newspaper will be local and relevant towards my audience and their community.

Institution - My paper will be a local paper therefore it will be pretty similar to Bromley Times and The NewsShopper. it will follow some conventions from these two papers. My paper will have have a tabloid layout as it is for a younger generation they prefer to have photo's and a bit of writing, so it will fit well with my target audience, it will also have alot of advertisement as it is a free eye catching newspaper. This means it will feature a lot of advertising as it will be the main funding for the news paper, advertisements will be spread across the pages.

Values - My paper is going to need a clear masthead so it is easy to see what the title of paper and also so that its eye catching. underneath the masthead i will have the date and the website so that the audience know its a paper with up to date news in there, and that its not some old paper that their reading from the other day. My paper will have to be careful so that it doesnt offend any of my audience otherwise it will put them of the paper and probably many others due to word of mouth, this can then stop advertisements as it could offend them aswell which means no income, no newspaper. the photos that will be used within the newspaper will have to clean and clear so that it gives good quality towards the audience for them to enjoy on their journey to where ever there going.

Audience - my newspaper will be aimed at both sex's of the age 16-25 in the local area of Bromley. The news that will be in the newspaper will be of subject towards them so its something they care about, even with advertisement it will be something within their age so they can all get involved. not only is aimed at them ages it is also aimed at all races, as Bromley is a very multi-cultural area to live in.

Language - the color on the page is going to be a key roll in the moods of the newspaper for first impressions towards the audience. the way i am going to write within my newspaper will be enthusiastic but understandable for the younger readers. the information in the paper will be made up with text. I wont just use text i will also use imagery to help get the point across to my audience as it can make the paper look dull and boring towards the audience and thats not what the paper is about. My masthead will be a different font compared to such fonts like they use in the news shopper and the bromley times, as i want my paper to be different and not out of the ordinary. This will make my paper noticeable.

Ideology - the newspaper will be filled with real life threatening and and unthreatening news but they will be detailed stories so that the audience doesn't feel like there just jumping from one story to another as that can confuse the reader. i want it to aim to elder school/college students and young workers, as a newspaper easy to pick up on the way to work or school/college. it will then let them know what is actually happening around their local area so tat they understand and don't have to use words that they wouldn't understand.

Narrative - i want my stories to conflict with each other so they dont feel like they are being taken from one story to another when they have no relevance to be on the same page or near eachother, its like wine tasting and football on the same pitch, it doenst work. i want to do this by putting my articles in order of subject matter so that it doesnt get to confusing. For my main story it is about a boy who died in the local area due to a stabbing incidence, therefore as my audience is based around this age, the words that will be used in the paper will have to be of a kind where it doesnt upset the audience. this wont be the only story in the enwspaper as there will be other stories but in order like i said so it doesnt confuse the audience.

Genre - the genre for my paper will come under a news local. hopefully it will create a big impact on my readers. it will be aimed at a young audience so it will have different conventions compared to other local news papers. it will be eye catching and colorful to catch the audiences eye.

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  1. Language and Narrative seem to be misunderstood