Wednesday, 9 March 2011


newshopper is a local newspaper which is printed at, Bromley Series News Shopper, Mega House, Crest View Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1BT. the owner of this paper isn't just one person its a company called newsquest media group who also own over 50 newspapers over the uk. The station manager is matthew Ramsden and the editor Andrew Parkes.

Bromley Times is also another local newspaper this papaer is printed in sidcup and delivered to areas in and around bromley, ibelieve this will help me out on distribution skills as sidcup is a 15 minute drive from Bromley so it proes it takes a lot of preperation for them to get distributed. This paper is owned by Archant, this company also ownes many newspapers over the country.

Bromley News is another local papaer but is distrubted via local shops instead of door steps. this paper is printed in Westerham which also is another 15 minute drive so perhaps they thought distributing it to shops would be easier as that way if people want it they can collect it. the editor of this paper is Colin Tough, also this paper is owned by tindle newspaper, who also own many other papers around the UK

all of these newspapers are owned by big companys who own more than one papaer around the UK and they are all financially funded by advertising as all three of these papers are free.

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