Tuesday, 29 March 2011

stages of my poster

stages of my poster
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when I started to create this poster my idea was to open the door to the public for this paper to keep the audience updates on the weekly news. At first I took photos of a girl opening door as you can see in the poster still but I also took photos of a girl dancing and a boy playing football, but I found it hard to edit it on photo shop as the girls hair was all over the place, therefore when I was trying to use the magic wand on photoshop it kept on taking chunks out of the girls head who was dancing. Luckily the magic wand tool was working for the door frame and the girl opening it, although its not the best quality picture it worked out in the end. Once I had seen what the poster looked like originally, I then changed my idea by using bright colours due to my target audience. I did this by using the shape tool and then rotating them to add a bit of style. I then had words coming out of the door to show people what will be in the paper, all I did was add text over the shapes . Once using this idea I then added an old wallpaper background that I found on the internet to make it look boring and a wooden floor to add to the dulness, but when you look through the door that girl is opening, it shows bright colours and what this paper can do to lighten up my target audiences day. When I added the text to the wooden floor, I used the opacity tool which makes it look like its been carved into the wood.
When I thought I had finished my poster I looked at it then thought something was missing and it was my newspaper logo, I also added a drop shaddow and an outer glow to make it stand out on the page.
Overall my poster looked a lot different than I first thought it would but the meaning towards my poster fits well with my target audience.

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