Tuesday, 29 March 2011

progress of newspaper

Once I had finished putting my photo onto the front page I decided to add to a green background around the outside of the picture, this is a convention that I used from the Metro paper, i feel it connects to my target audience as the Bromley boroughs council colour is green and I want them to realize its all about Bromley and nothing else. Since I had started my newspaper I knew what my Main story was but didn't know what my headline was going to be, in the end I decided whilst doing my research it cant have to many words as its a catch line for the audience to read. I didnt use microsoft word I out a text box on my page and then chose my font, using san serif as my target audience is of the younger generation. I placed it across the whole page as its eye catching and thats what a few of the newspapers I researched used such as Metro and The Sun.

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